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Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданиюThis article is directed mostly towards the male half of the humanity, however, our female readers may find a lot of helpful information here for understanding men’s ideals, goals and behaviors.

Reflections about happiness

We all know or believe, that the state of happiness inspires people and brings them a great desire to create. However, it’s impossible to be truly happy in a crowd-"elitist" society - when everybody dies in their "own" individuality.One can be happy only in a society, where everybody else is happy, where labor is performed in order to achieve lifestyle ideals of the majority (not for own sake, but for unknown individuals), and where such labour is commonplace.

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This kind of labor is in high demand among people at any time, both by elderly grandparents or young and perspective people. The fruits of such labor are often accompanied with high bursts of energy, a positive mood, the sense of breadth of your soul (kindness to all), Love, proximity to holiness. Qualitative improvement of personal conditions don’t happen by themselves. A positive attitude is a result of quite real processes, though these processes aren’t visible to a naked eye.



If every individual in the world decides to articulate (and understand) their goals for the future and to organize a hierarchy of those goals in order of importance, we will uncover some interesting similarities. The first, the most important goal for all individuals is the same:

1. To be happy. Neither family, nor "love", nor something else. Everybody wants to be happy, to live a happy life, unmistakably, in harmony with themselves, with the environment (the Created Universe), with God–Creator-Almighty, and with other people.

Also, in Russia the term "happiness" is an abbreviation of words “common” and “participation”. Co-participation in what? In what kind of process should a man partake in order to be happy?

In processes, that flow through “eternity", where results of today’s work become a basis for the future. Understanding, that man is an integral part of the Universe, a petal on it’s tree, an "informational reflector" of the Creator's Plan, gives life meaning and creates a feeling of belonging to the great Providence, when their actions in life correspond with their fateful mission.

Happiness is being in a state of Love, an inner feeling of belonging to the eternal and enveloping everything with a realization of potential in their work.

So what’s required of a person for a permanent (not just temporary) happiness? What’s required for a person to fulfill their dreams in the best (for everybody) possible way?

2.  To become Human. A person has to obtain a human psychetype[1], i.e. to tune algorithms in their psyche to work in harmony with each other and in harmony with the environment. That’d allow a person to fulfill their potential through work in the best way and to be in high demand within society. And what’s required for developing harmonious psyche basics?

3.  Education – learning (in theory and practice) your own language of life’s circumstances, the cultural heritage and knowledge in accordance with your individual language.

Only now there’s a need to question the form of living in the environment (improvement of life conditions), which should not conflict with the first three goals (items 1-3). What is the point of "living in the environment", if not for the embodiment of a happy, fateful way of life?

4.  The marriage union (or officially unrecognized union)[2] - is a continuation of the God’s Plan implementation through children. Children provide development and continuation of the parents’ righteous deeds. Marriage is primarily woman's domain, but currently existing cultural heritage tries to convince us in one way or another (through matriarchy, patriarchy), that this very "domain" is the purpose of humanity. However, the answer to the question "what does a marriage union exist for?" doesn’t go beyond the phrase: "”god” endured sufferings and ordered us to do the same". While relations in marriage are (from objective point of view) only useful for the society, when only one of the goals is achieved: "birth and upbringing" of future generations.

Why do we marry, give birth and educate children, if we ourselves are not happy, loving and educated?


     After taking a step back and observing ourselves over the past two years, we’d noticed some patterns in the process of our living. When presenting our understanding of some vital issues to others, when explaining answers demanded by Life, when explaining these in a form, which doesn’t contradict its essence, when formulating just a particle of truth, when giving our reflection of Truth in current development of the Measure of the world, we feel a surge of Love and happiness – a feeling of belonging to the Divine Providence.

It's simple. The reader thanks in their thoughts (gifts a piece of their Love) for the useful information they’d acquired, and this piece of good energy is transmitted through egregores to the authors of this information. Readers don’t even need to know the authors, because the knowledge of authorship is required for transmission of negative information, but kindness, as an external manifestation of Love can find the destination itself, enveloping the Universe. The same applies to any activity established on the basis of kindness.

Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Любовь

Society only thanks you, but support and Love are given from Above, because your life creation[3] benefits the humanity, not a single person, family, clan, etc.

"Strive together (as a race) toward all that is good.” - the Quran (2:148).


“If you do good, you do good for yourselves; And if you do evil, [you do it] to yourselves.” - the Quran (17:7).

Work according to this selfless ethics provides people with everything: development (education), the gift of Love, harmony with the world, absence of disease, a sense of belonging to the Divine, Providence, usefulness to the society throughout the life – this is Happiness.

As you can see, there's no woman in this list. And there should NOT be. Woman by herself doesn’t bring happiness to man, but the same is true about man. Happiness for both is brought by rational labor in Love.

About the relationship between man and woman

A man finds happiness in labour concerned with societal needs, directed first of all not to himself, not to his marriage, but to his region, country, the global civilization, the universe, God – to the activities, where he collaborates in a collective intellect. Happiness of a man lies in a collaborative development of the global civilization. For a man, marriage union of people intended to each other [4] - is only a small piece, bringing happiness to the area of his collective family mind, or encouraging trouble to the whole society in case of absence of such a collective intellect inside the family. If during his life, a man’s goals are focused on getting married to a woman (i.e. the woman takes the first place in his life’s priorities), his life becomes destructive and harmful both to the man and to his children, for whom he’s a primary example, to the community, for which he couldn’t serve as part of the collective intellect.

Every man should collaborate in the collective intellect, but only a few do. With the current state of society, we’ve plenty of such examples, and all of them are somewhat similar: if somebody is lucky to survive until 70 years old, the picture looks roughly like this: a useless old man, walking with a stick having suffered a stroke, whose circle of interests rotates around a bottle, TV, in winter - "having a  warm home", in the summer – going on vacation. A "spiritual death” at some point in his past had led him to this form of existence. Even though, this man sincerely and with persistence gave all his efforts and his life to support the traditional family values. He was the perfect husband from a woman’s point of view. The result is that nobody needs him. And this is fair, because now his children are doing the same for their children, and they have almost no time for the older generation. Life of men, who’ve made marriage their top priority, leaving the rest to deal with on the side, leads to this finale.

For a woman on the other hand the source of happiness is the opposite to man’s: herself, her marriage and only then from society. A woman is happy only with these priorities in Life. She is the reverse, the mirror of a man. This is the meaning of tandem between genders – in mirrored functions with respect to Life.

To understand this better, let’s inspect the Yin-Yang concept

Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Инь-Янь

We see something like two inverted and fused ninesThe large section of the black nine shape is also where the tail section of the white nine shape lies and vice versa. The circle with the two nines inside is the destination, the path to the general scenario of the future (let's imagine it as a tube which Yin-Yang sphere moves through). Movement in the future (further progress) will depend on distribution of tasks between the two parts of the tandem. Ideal distribution is shown on the image, any other solution doesn’t fit into this scenario (the "pipe" would have to be a different size or shape). The described image is of people intended for each other, an image of soulmates. In order to achieve such relationship a person should harmonize their physical bodies with the spiritual and informational components: the psychological suitability to the best path for their soul (the human psychetype), and the correspondence to cultural (ethical) behavior, as an external expression of moral conscious, which is a reflection of interactions between conscience and stereotypes in an individual psyche.

What is the purpose of a man?

To multiply rationality in Love by building social structures (and participation in already existing), i.e. the priority of goals should be as following:

1. Institute of statehood / civilization

2. Institute of education

3. Institute of family

What is the purpose of a woman?

To multiply rationality in Love by birth and education of future humans and their ethics, i.e. the priority of goals should be as following:

1. Institute of family

2. Institute of education

3. Institute of statehood

In other words, man's happiness is possible with the following subordination of purposes:  Divine Providence (God’s plan) → labor towards goals of → the global civilization → country → home region (place of residence) → marriage → himself.

Happiness of woman is achieved in the following order of purposes: Divine Providence (God’s plan)[5]herself[6] → marriage → labor towards goals ofhome region (place of residence)countrythe global civilization[7]. As we can see, man and woman each have their own paths to happiness (hierarchy of goals). The only problem is, that both men and women are trying to prove to each other, that their way is better[8].

What should we do to change the situation?

The answer is obvious: at first, develop your relationships ethics, based only on Love of understanding, free of attempts to suppress personal freedom (a fateful path), and, secondly, request the spouse to share the same attitude. Firstly this requires the woman to give up her power over the man, as experience shows, this is the hardest obstacle in the Biblical culture.

The man shouldn’t comply by expressing pity for his wife (the same attitude the woman should adopt towards her spouse), on the contrary - this principle should liberate from sin (i.e. irrationality), instead of stifling them. Pitilessness is a manifestation of Love and real compassion (not pretension). That’s the main difference of pseudo compassion - the aim of which is always to suppress one’s own will and allow for inappropriate compromises (compromising is essentially bargaining of will power) regarding own destiny (compromises, that change your destiny) for the complainant’s interests. Only intransigence to everything that goes against the intentions of Creator and the Almighty, affects their conscious and unconscious opponents (in fact the opponents contradict themselves; they work against themselves, because everything, that fights against God, deviates from the Straight path, algorithms of which everybody has in their hearts). In relation to the woman, who stubbornly justifies her matriarchal position, this leads either to even greater mimicry and, as a consequence, to greater tension between conscious and unconscious elements of her psyche, or it can lead to a correction of her inner world towards justice and harmony of psyche algorithms. In any case, the process starts moving, instead of hanging still in a state of permanent indifference to own destiny, the destiny of those in a marital union and destiny of other members of society.

We have to understand the conditions which we live in, and what kind of cultural legacy we’ve inherited. Unfortunately, the result of the past is that the vast majority of women live in the algorithmics, where the most desired product is "the yoke with bells and a whip" and they are ready to defend it "to the last man". However, if the basis of societal culture, and consequently, the basis of algorithmic of female thinking will be freedom, as governance through conscience given by God, then women will defend this principle with the same zeal "to the last vicious man". And therefore, the legacy of today is a consequence of male inaction or inappropriate action of yesterday.

Past and current societal problems lie not only in matriarchy, but in the wrong process of understanding of own destiny by men and women, and also in the fallacy of certain cultural traditions and patterns, relentlessly fed to us by mass media (see pictures below for the analysis).

Without matriarchy, the global civilization would have ceased to exist a very long time ago, because promiscuity and irresponsibility of those, who have the opportunity to bring knowledge and providence to institutions of statehood and education, create more problems for society, than Love of an uneducated mother for her child. Here one could argue, that everything begins with a woman, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it does. However, it had always been like this: a woman keeps the best, that there is in the world, and passes it on to the next generation. But the best legacy had always been formed by a man. He has the will or the opportunity to acquire it, to go beyond the existing traditional system of crowd-"elitism". This target is more difficult to reach for a woman, whose abilities are focussed at creating comfort and harmony within the home. Men's natural potential is to change the direction of human development in all structures responsible for organization of life. Speaking figuratively, a man should wish not in favor of his wife’s despotism (for the sake of the cultural crowd-"elitist" tradition), but for the sake of the whole society, that is, according to his conscience, and so - for the sake of the majority. Such realization of happiness is a male predestination, not female. But where are men, ready for such a feat of soul?!

Therefore, we should:

· accept modern women as they are (Life tells us: “I have no other women for you”);

· enter into a matrimonial tandem only with a person intended for you;

· create a marriage union with the understanding that the union is only one part of the common civilizational human happiness;

· aim towards rationality in life, when each step is justified by the goals of own destiny, the best possible future;

· stop trying to reconstruct women’s psyche, stop hoping for an illusion, that with you she could build a new world...

We often hear opinions of the following kind: "We must do everything together!" All this is nonsense, and most often the reason for such thoughts is the desire to extend a dwindling romantic phase of a relationship for as long as possible (see the picture below), or a patriarchal worldview. Nonsense in the sense that when people are intended for each other, they are always together, even if they physically live separately and don’t consciously think about each other. They are united by their soul and spirit, that they’d once created together.

"Always together" is fear of loneliness, which is manifested only by the need for ownership in a relationship. "Always together" is manifested only in the spiritual world, but in the material world this shows differently. If people tend to seek algorithms of material survival, that means that they have nothing spiritual or emotional in common. In an ideal case, material existence is governed by the destiny-bringing rationality.

A man builds a new world (at the current stage of the global civilization’s culture development) and structures of a new society with fellow friends, but not his wife, because she’s already concentrating on herself and her own needs, also aimed at the the future society. Her partial involvement would be the same as the man’s partial involvement in construction of their family union (remember the yin-yang image). Everything else each one should tackle separately in accordance with his/her sections on a common grid. A woman has a different function by nature. Based on this function, but not opposing it, she will move to a new future even without a man, feeling like a single unified organism, which does not contradict to nature itself. Even when you (man) build a certain general spiritual world not adopted in the current culture, and verbalize it, the woman is busy building her conventional material world (most likely implementing a program of hidden matriarchy in response to a patriarchal vision of the family unit), but not a masculine kind (world). And this building takes up a lot of her resources, those resources that a man also asks of her [9].

What does a normal woman dream of, if she’s not fully corrupted by the informational war against Humanity?

She dreams of conditions, that would allow her to realise herself as a mother, like Mother-Earth realises itself towards the biosphere.

What does a man dream of?

He dreams of becoming an adequate father, similar to Father-Almighty towards the biosphere. We always see our mother near us, when we’re growing up, she constantly takes care of us, like the material world, that surrounds us - it’s always near us. But where’s the father? The father is always present invisibly, he’s in our spirit.

Отец и сын

In other words, in essence a man creates informational and material conditions, influences the culture, filling it with a justified measure, which allows life on Earth to move towards rationality, the ideal path for the global civilization. A woman is the keeper of the traditional world, and her duty is to keep the culture achieved by the society in a moral purity.

To summarize. It’s not a man’s business to program a woman’s brain, and it isn’t a woman’s business to program men's brains - it’s impossible to teach by force.

Firstly, we’re all grownups, and the only one capable of influencing one’s decision is that individual themselves through a dialogue with Life in accordance with their conscience. This saves enormous resources for creative work. Children learn by example (while we’re their authorities), but when they grow up everything has to be explained to them in the way they would understand in time they’d need.

Secondly, if you decide, that your words could affect another person's behavior, you need to understand that in most cases you’d be programming them, which is not right. Instead of programming them, you could lead with your attitude to life by example to help them develop their own ethics (it is better to see once, than hear it a hundred times). Verbally you could convey your understanding of truth (if you’ve been asked), you could share your dreams and leave them to make a willing choice. Nobody has to become a god, it’s better to take your place as a Human being, in such case the will of your spouse won’t be suppressed and will manifest itself creatively. If God has chosen ethics, where a man is endued with free will, then nobody has the right to force another person. Conversely, try suggesting simple conversations, not imposing your will on another person - there will be a qualitatively different sense of good[10], due to the fact that your ethics would be more in correspondence with the ethics predetermined from Above. In this mode, effectiveness of a resolution of any issue is incomparably higher and the result is more stable, compared will forcing one’s will.

Next, let 's try to draw images of the fallacy of cultural stereotypes, which are used by men and women, when forming marriage and tandem.

Hidden matriarchy:

Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Матриархат

The hierarchy of women’s targets is primary in couples’ common destiny. This is exactly what was said earlier: first of all are her needs, the needs of the marriage and only after those are satisfied - everything else; but this also becomes the rule for men (manifestation of female despotism). The Biblical world of individualism is born from the matriarchal world, the Vedic world is born from the patriarchal world (although for the society - “there is small choice in rotten apples”). Men sacrifice their vector of goals, which are aimed at seizing opportunities, in favor of women's vector of goals. He sacrifices his happiness for her happiness, in the interests of the marriage, regarding it appropriate. But the man doesn’t realize himself as a governer at the societal level. In this paradigm, if the man takes part in the governance of public processes, his wife actually governs those processes (not necessarily openly, as she does with the man). She plays the role of God for the man. Problems and crises in society with such governance increase[11]. The reason of such situation lies in the marriage: the will of the man for freedom of thought and implementation of his soul’s capabilities is suppressed, more often than not already in childhood during his upbringing by his mother.[12].

"Vectors of destination" (colored arrows pointing to different directions) are constructed strictly according to the following hierarchy:

She is "god" and the predictor in one person. The Question is – what does this "god" worship?

He is the corrector, who is busy completely with serving functions.


Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Патриархат

In patriarchy men 's vector of goals is obligatory for women to follow and her function in society is determined by man’s permission. Her situation is like in matriarchy, only she doesn’t have the right to use or not use her will. Vectors of purposes are built strictly according to the hierarchy: he – is "god" and the predictor in one person, she sacrifices her opportunities to realize capabilities of her soul. In general, when marriage has such a hierarchy, everything is rolling to the targets set by husband for his wife: "give birth to children, bring this, pass that and don’t bother me."

However, both systems: matriarchy and patriarchy – exclude a very important humanistic point: children should love both parents equally. The manifestation of demonic thirst for power, to be the main "god on Mount Olympus" by a father or by a mother, leads to consequences in their children’s psyche, which would automatically be inherited by subsequent generations. Mother's full-time serving her husband suppresses her possible education. The lack of education is subsequently reflected in the worldview of the children. Therefore, the impact of uneducated women (though the impact is limited) is very harmful for marriage.[13]. Such unions are common in the Muslim East, in India.

The problem of "hidden matriarchy and patriarchy” appearance in marriage lies in the fact, that both: husband and wife - well-intentionedly believe, that their way is the best and only true, because it’s based on the old traditional algorithms of interaction, while developing new (for the culture) algorithms of interaction in a relationship by participants themselves is out of the question.

Each spouse sees quite acceptable information in feedback from the culture. In other words: "All others live like that, so we also live like that and we will bring up our children like that as well." However, if feedbacks are drawn from more a encompassing (bigger) governing system, for example, the planet Earth, then many people will begin to understand, that cultures can and must be changed, otherwise death is looming ahead. What if we draw feedbacks from Space and all the Created Universe, from God, the Almighty Creator? Then our errors would be even more evident. Therefore, the ideal way of marriage can be called the way, in which husband and wife are not judged by their traditions and authority figures, made in the same traditions, but they are judged by interests and dreams, subordinated to a more encompassing (bigger) governing system, to God, the Almighty Creator and His Plan. At the same time, both husband and wife will gain free will in love and movement as co-creators.


Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Идеальные отношения

Two parallel white vectors upwards – it is common design for every man and woman in the global civilization, "they don’t look at each other, they look in the same direction”. Vectors directed to different sides ("destination vectors") – these are functions of each of them during the process of motion towards white vectors - towards general plan for people intended for each other in the best case of their destiny. Vectors of targets are built this way: general plan From Above -> general plan for the global civilization -> general plan for the tandem -> general plan for each of them. In this case, the most important thing in tandem - is to define conceptually, i.e. to understand the ideal image of unity in tandem described above and to understand place of each of them in it.

Background of the sun is an associative image of a power source (generator), which is a natural tandem. The only question is: what algorithms does generator produce? Happiness, Kindness, Righteousness, or sexual perversion, depravity and ignorance? A natural tandem generates its part of the Truth (they participate in the Divine Providence) or a natural tandem evades it 's best case scenario of their destiny.

As you can see, there aren’t vectors aimed at each other, they’re absent in a happy marriage. All is clear without words between persons intended for each other, their interests don’t cross each other, but they go in parallel in the same direction. There’s a process of meeting and co-tuning of interests, when such vector may be present, but the the sole purpose to get rid of them, it's the time to establish foundation for future movement in life together. If the direction of the vectors "towards each other" is present, but there is no movement, or it continues for a long time skidding or chaotically, it’s a consequence of misunderstandings and deviations away from the happy destiny of both (or a misperception of the partner, as a person intended to you).

Permanent hanging on:

Идеалы и Цели: На пути к созиданию - Stabilizec

There are many people who are stuck in a state of tandem construction for the tandem, as a matter of fact justifying their instincts and convenient existence. They say that allegedly "we have a common path, we’re always together", but by default each of them has their own aims, with a visible hypocritical show of the inverse situation. They haven’t worked out the general way, because for each of them "their common" is more important than a conceptual decisiveness of them both. They are engaged in a state of permanent soul-searching, narcissism, self-idealization – generally in anything, but finding out their best possible future and functions of each in such future (this happens because of the fear of possible loss of the "mutual instinctive attachments"). It’s an obsession in the relationship, "movement is everything, purpose is nothing". Consequently, their "destination vectors" are unknown and mixed, they’ve a kind of immersion in each other for the sake of immersion. Frozen without an image of their future in the romantic period of their relationship, which lasts objectively no more than three years (plus or minus depending on experience). In reality, after this time, all important links generated by the first meeting and subsequent relationship are being broken off. Attachments, which exist due to “new"experiences in their personal life, would disappear at the same time as these "new" experiences would stop to be new. If a common understanding, a common outlook to the objective reality and ways of interacting with it weren’t born during this period and the desire to develop further on the basis of continuously generated "new" experiences on the basis of the common goals and means justified for both didn 't arise, then the relationship would fall apart and inspiration to build them would also disappear.



Tricks, like unplanned childbirth with a goal to bind the partner, slow the process or suppress the will of one of the partners. Unfortunately, this frequent phenomenon supports the program "be fruitful and multiply".


However, it doesn’t help leaving the infernal circle of public institutions’ degradation, which ultimately lead to genocide of people (being a crowd), followed by degradation of culture and clearance of their territory. That is, if you want to own a partner, not heeding conscience and a feeling limits, trusting the principle "the goal justifies means", in such case the first partner suppresses the second one. The second partner obeys, they rely on the principle "means are justified by the goal[14]».  The relationship of these partners are the foundation of the crowd-"elitist" pyramid, and provide human resources to the pyramid. What’s common between these two principles, which became manifestations of the corresponding ethics? Neither of these principles utilize conscience, which serves as a channel of direct communication with God, and using this channel, we can judge justifications of goals and means to achieve them.


"Permanent hanging on" – is a self-destruction based on mutual agreement, instincts and the belief, that the tandem developed in a such a way is the justified and best life for partners. Note that this way of "love" and union is imposed to people more aggressively, than other ways (symbols of hearts, kisses, etc). For normal people these things are intimate, which are justified, but they are not the basis of the relationship. Therefore, results of "permanent hanging on" relationship is always predictable – a slide into hedonism or destruction of the relationships.

The basis of a relationship is a common way in Love in the same direction, consciously understood together with an adequate cognition methodology.

Gandhi: "Love and Truth are the faces of the same coin, and both very difficult to practise, and the only things worth living for..."

There are several exits from this state.

People, who’d met each other to construct a tandem, use the time of strong feelings for formation of a matrix of the future, the future targets and the means to achieve this future, i.e. an adequate and justified image is born. During the process of giving birth to the image, conscience tells a person repeatedly, who is in front of you: a person intended to you or just a grabber. Moreover, God in language of life circumstances will remind people intended for each other about their common path.

If they’re intended for each other, both would need to overcome harmful mental algorithms in themselves. If they can’t, then either hidden matriarchy or patriarchy takes over or the relationship breaks in accordance to the principle of "labourers can’t, rulers won’t".

Matriarchy and patriarchy are two ends of the same stick, when the correct mode of marriage is in the middle or in another form. There are two reasons of the lack of understanding the best destiny path:

1. Absence of desire to learn humane ethics and absence of desire to develop a worldview based on the trinity: matter - information - matrix. Then people intended for each other choose to live apart, since hadn’t overcome zombie-ism, hedonism, demonism in their mind, the pressure from their hidden intimate vectors of targets could result in state of war between them to the last bullet (the last bullet for own head). Therefore, many people feel the negative common matrix of the future and try to avoid it, choosing to avoid sharing their life experience with anyone.

2.  Lack of intimate relationship among husband and wife (they’re not intended for each other). When people desire to develop the human psychetype, but people have different inner understanding of their general purpose, of optimal ethics. The partners have different meanings of life. Consequently, the tandem will face a lack of mutual understanding in questions of their main purpose. The closer to the human psychetype, the easier people understand that being Human is not enough for their family happiness. Relationships with this problem (if not solved) end with someone refusing to learn anymore, to accept the Truth, thereby trying to suppress the desire for truth of their partner. That will lead to the same results: either a hidden matriarchy or hidden patriarchy win, or the relationship would be destroyed according principle "labourers can’t, rulers won’t".

For many people, this debriefing period does not exceed 2-3 years, then the feelings of attachment come to an end, partners would have had enough time to understand, to learn, to get used to and to get tired of each other, or get a new direction in their relationship development. If a couple hasn’t started developing, hasn’t acquired a common image of the future, they have nothing in common, so they free themselves of the relationship.

Freedom for people intended for each other is very special: they are free within their common dream, therefore moving in line with their conscience each of them strives to be closer to the cherished dream; developing together is the best case scenario, while developing separately gives understanding of false stereotypes and working algorithms of their psyches by contradiction. For strangers Freedom manifests in the fact, that they don’t owe anything to each other and they won’t hold their obligations, if one of them suppresses or binds the other. And they are quite right, because the obligations are born only in tandem justified from Above, other commitments, born on the basis of instincts and various cunning deals in the crowd-"elitist" cultures are claims to enslavement. Women govern instincts in the Biblical culture. In contrast to men in the animal psychetype, in the crowd-"elitist" cultures women are given roles of the first shepherds, imposing realization of their needs on men - this is the essence of hidden matriarchy. With the same psychetypes in patriarchy men remain slaves of their needs, and their women have to serve men 's consumption claims (Gypsy marriages are an example).

Why is tuning the tandem between a man and a woman so important?

Because it’s impossible to build a happy and fair future without solving relationship problems. This is one of the main pillars of the crowd-"elitist" culture, whether the Biblical or the Vedic or any other culture. Understanding of this frees up a lot of time and energy[15] for creation. This is also the reason "The tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" by A.S. Pushkin is a Russian classic of the genre. The meaning of the tale is simple: a man has an opportunity to ask anything from a magical goldfish. The question is: Why? What for? Are his requests to the “sea queen” (requests to the noosphere) adequate for his goals? What are the ethics of the fisherman[16]?!

How to transform our society and especially individual lives, so that happiness never ends?

Even people, who can be called righteous, have only very short periods of feeling real happiness, insignificant in comparison with their whole life. Many people die with regrets, unfinished business. The truth is, that being completely happy alone is impossible, even if you’re righteous.

Another reason for our misfortunes lies in the amount of time and resources we dedicate to realization of the best possible destiny for ourselves. Destiny is individual’s path of life in the matrix of possibilities. But remember: you reap what you sow.

То устройство жизни, в котором мы существуем, подавляет значительную часть наших возможностей, необходимых для строительства счастливой жизни. Неправедный строй жизни насаждает нам ложные цели и ложные идеалы, которые задают ложное направление мечтам и мыслям, определяющим в свою очередь наш быт.

The main reason, why people don’t govern themselves, lies definitely in the crowd- "elitist" structure of our society. However, a willful escape from an economic slavery system doesn’t solve the main problem: what’s the point of being outside of the system? Is it possible to achieve results with far-reaching goals, if you work alone?

Let’s look at some examples. Sometimes life gives an opportunity not to work for "Uncle Sam" (take part in the liberal-bourgeois system directly or indirectly), and devote yourself to understanding and presentation of the desired future. Many conceptually informed people thirst for such a life. But that is not enough for a normal person. Constructing ideology only isn’t enough for a proper feeling of happiness.

At first, we continue to live in an individualist society and with an individualistic worldview. For example, we’re proud of our “achievements" in the crowd-"elitist" society of consumers (robbers of nature); we consider property rights only within the prescribed rules of the society. And this is true in a sense, that life in this society is only possible according to its rules and laws. We own everything only by ourselves, our marriage is procreation of our individuality. We’re afraid of sharing our "family happiness", and at the same time go out of our way to prove, that our family is better to others. In reality, we all are in the same position and in the same hole, at the same development level, as a society. That is the culture generated by our ancestors - “a dead bird in the hand”, which is supposedly “worth two in the bush”.

Attitude to property determines attitude to life, and life always rewards justly, which in the end determines our destiny, our experiences. On one hand we serve our material possessions and spend most of the time on them, on another - we serve our souls, their purposes, acquiring skills and methodology.

How to achieve the second attitude, if the first attitude gets in the way? It’s necessary to implement collective ownership and collective support of living conditions. As a result, by dividing duties among the majority, each of us would minimally participate in supporting things important for living and free up a lot of time. That is, the goal can be achieved by making living conditions collective (in reasonable limits)

This is only possible by joining plans for the future among people who have a common dream (Life on Earth going in line of God's Truth - Justice) and similar ethical means to achieve it. It’s necessary to create a new type of communities, that rely on the conscious understanding of life goals in harmony with God – Creator-Almighty and Nature.

Secondly, modelling future is certainly good. It's only bad, if the modeling process is left without realization as material labor. Modelling is only a part of justified labour, that's why happiness of such a eternal "modeller" would be incomplete. Practical creation of models of just living arrangements together with other people in accordance with common ethics is the next stage of justified labour. Description of ways to implement these models and the result of such implementation is the final part of the creative labour, that brings the full happiness. [17]. In other words, when a person moves from words to action and actually gives an example of a mistakeless governance process, this brings harmony into society.

When creating in accordance with these directions, everybody would change their feeling of happiness. It will become permanent, lasting. Love and energy will abound. Anyone, who enters into such processes, would feel the great flow of Life, which will be manifested also in the fact, that going to bed, they would dream to wake up as soon as possible! Finishing a project, you will dream about how to get back and continue ...

A Human is happy – only when everybody else is happy with him

All of this is impossible to achieve even in a long-term perspective, if today's culture, the current crowd-"elitist" structure of our society wouldn’t change. Regardless of the multitude of promises and inventions of new types "yoga" (way to be “happy”, without solving actual problems), people can’t be happy alone in a society of unhappy people.

Efforts of a single person aren’t enough. Collective "efforts"[18] are required to achieve a common dream in common ethics of relations to each other. These ethics can briefly be described this way:are required to achieve a common dream in common ethics of relations to each other. These ethics can briefly be described this way: I serve everybody in every way according to conscience, everybody serves me according to justice. Only really following this ethical principle of human interaction would lead to abundance. Our society needs manifestations of strong-willed righteous qualities in people in the direction of harmonious development of the Humanity. Only really following this ethical principle of human interaction would lead to abundance. Our society needs manifestations of strong-willed righteous qualities in people in the direction of harmonious development of the Humanity.

Spiritual wealth is accumulated at the expense of maximum gratuitous giving

The main question here is: Are you ready for a feat of strength to achieve your dream? Are you ready to not sell out your dream for cheap comfort, not to follow mistakes of your ancestors, but to learn roughness and beauty of the real world, and to live as a human being?

Unfortunately, for many people this feat is still only available for reading and not for realization. Why?

Firstly, because real freedom – the freedom from attachments, breaking of which leads to bitterness of people, who’d like to stay attached. Becoming free from attachments could only be a result of labour. Freedom is the result of the most difficult work – work with your own psyche and worldview. If this work’s not been completed, but the person’d begun to govern a society - it’d bring nothing good to the governor, nor the society should wait anything good in future, because mistakes in governance come back quickly in the new logic of the social behavior.

Secondly, assemblyness, the collective non-crowd-elitist intellect and, as the social hierarchy, born by this intellect, requires constant manifestations of humane ethics, that leads to developing the human psychetype. And here, it isn’t enough only to declare common (justified) goals, it’s important to constantly show humane means of achieving them in practice. Common ethics of community members should be supported by a common access to visual descriptions, practical occurrences of which could be described by the phrase "catching on the fly" or "goes without saying". The basis of such relations is harmony among community members, which avoids conflicts. One of the reason for the failures of communities in the past (which there were many) is, that they’d been built without proper attention to ethical principles, so people possessed with psycho-Trotskyism could and did enter those communities and had suppressed or destroyed the whole movement. Communities should exclude such “activists” from their midst, then the basis of such a communal way of life will live long and reach their goals.

At the moment, we can say is the entrance into such communities is closed for most people, who choose another way of life. It’s closed because of their conscience; and therefore many community members may face explicit and implicit counteraction, that will only strengthen their ethical choice.



To get rid of attachments you need to understand their cause. Affection comes with a desire for pleasure. Getting pleasure is a priority interest towards the outside world. Such an attitude towards the world was formed by our parents and culture during our childhood. Finding pleasure is the primary purpose and object of dreams: whole life should be dedicated to staying at resorts and enjoying ourselves, in other words, this is consumer attitude.

There are two conflicting ethical points of view, two opposite foundations of world understanding, and the majority of people balance between these two centers:

1.  Hedonism (search for pleasure and dedicating life to it)

Time, given to us to live on Earth, is spent on searching for pleasure: from your physical state, egregorious state, from food, from interactions with other people, from marital relationships, children, own intellect, interactions with the universe, achievement of great goals, or vice versa, from satisfaction of bestial needs. The individual is always looking for their source of pleasure and acts to acquire it. This is manifestation of psycho-Trotskyism. "I’m for any strike, except hunger strike", where bustle is emotional, which brings energy from egregores.

If we consider egregorious effects on people based on the trinity worldview (matter-information-measure), we can distinguish three types of such influences:

·   Matter – takes place as form of energy supply of matter; energy is a transitional state of matter. It feels like you’re being pushed by a tailwind, feelings are pleasant.

·   Informational - in the form of informational channels from egregores. - in the form of informational channels from egregores.

Unimportant thoughts flow in and out.

Sometimes they’re funny, other times – scary.

Such thoughts are homeless wanderers: hungry and infectious.[19].

·   Measural - egregores are based on mutual morals. In what do you measure your life (in parrots, in size of genitals, in immortality of soul, etc.), it determines to which egregores you connect.                 

It's like keys to doors and combinations of their use. The question is, for what do you need egregores? If you’re used to having energetic fun, then your egregorious supply is closer to animalistic, since the majority of people with similar algorithmic is connected to such egregores, that's why the energy supply of such egregores is stronger. If your interaction with egregores is necessary for reaching your goal, and in fact you need them to get access to certain information during your search for the Truth in order to achieve correct goals, then God will help you. But here you could feel the most terrible sensation of the "cold wind of loneliness”, because you’re going against the social current, but instead you’re illumined with understanding and have capabilities.

Of course, you always feel the energy supply, but unlike fun-seekers, you won’t become attached and won’t seek to connect to it again and again every day for the next dose. To note, received doses of energy don’t decrease over time, but the feeling of fun decreases – it’s addictive. However, the channel is set and already filled with your life energy, that fuels other newcomers, future addicts. That’s why fun-seekers, take the life path of degradation and go deeper into degradational processes. The same dose doesn't bring the same fun, and in order to get a new dose searching algorithms for the "new" buzz are downloaded into your psyche through the channel opened by you in the past. Falling into degradational abyss happens as long as your will, that bases its judgement on different moral principles, doesn’t intervene. If such principles don’t exist, such person’s psyche enters an unnatural state. Rational egregorious support of a person’s life allows them to be a part of egregores, which are not permitted for the most people, because of their conscience, therefore, such supply doesn't provide energetic fun - too few connected energy sources. However, you have the ability to "download" algorithmics, which are close to ​​God’s Plan, understanding which you’d discover knowledge required for realization of cultural  updates of the society. This creative process brings a feeling of happiness, mood and inspiration to create forever more. The Holy Spirit doesn’t bring pleasure itself, the Holy Spirit brings the Truth in a quiet voice of Love, which most refuse. If information is misused or not used at all, the person is deprived of the Criterion - access to the source of information, until they understand the purpose of the previously given information through the Criterion.

2. Labour

The time given to a soul to live on Earth is used to work towards understood goals of the mission in line with the harmonious "eternal" path of the soul [20]. The most important quality is rationality of actions and thoughts in response to challenges of life. Rational labour is constructive, if it’s based on a conceptual certainty, on the understanding for whose conception you realize your potential.

Everyone can ask themselves, what motivates them in relation to the environment, the usual, the new (people, things, events, objectively existing factors): desire to get energy (positive, negative) or multiply rationality in the world with their labor?


Those, who has found answers to all questions above, should start to create a new ethically righteous society in practice. For those who hasn't decided on their answers - there is a great opportunity to live and to compare where "it's more free, better", watching two different approaches to life. Everyone will be able to make their choice. While there’s no practical example of such societal structure for the majority of people - there is no choice; with the lack of choice - there’s no manifestation of will. There are only imitative projects, which have the liberal worldview in their foundation.

The development process of a modern person differs from a revolutionary algorithm of herd driving from "the worst" to "the best". This is the process of gaining will, that’s free from attachments, and such will is gained by each individual in the process of their evolutional development, and development of the society as a whole.

Process of uniting community members is described in the Qur'an, when a person enters into the society of coreligionists and becomes a messenger from Above for them. But nobody forbids anyone to be a messenger in societies united by similar ethics, even not righteous, but going towards righteousness. In other words, everyone can unite with those, who, they think, has the same ethical position, that could be measured on a scale from very evil, to very good.

The society at the current stage

We are the heirs of the Soviet Union. 30 years ago (at the beginning of Perestroika) an artificially created dilemma was brought to the culture of thinking Soviet people. On one hand there was a lot of enthusiasm among patriots of the Motherland, however, all the enthusiasm was channeled off, was implemented not in the direction of building a fair society - communism, but to matters of tactical defense, mineral exploration and other romanticized directions. But the tasks of everyday life and life arrangement were engaged by the part of the active population, who ideologically justified individualism, when hiding behind a seemingly correct tribal priest (but not human) attitude to life. As a result, the society fell into immense consumption and cultural degradation, continuing the process of adopting the anti-Russian, antisocial culture, so that now we have rolled back from the moral ideals of the Russian civilization. Allegorically the film "We are cheerful, happy, talented!" (1986) is about this. The film shows the woman's difficult choice, and the film turned out to be prophetic. The plot shows a dream of a woman (the reflection of the Russian nation) about a kind of man (there are two men in the film, who are mindless representatives of two conceptions of the world order), who successfully combines in his life love for high ideals (a phenomena non-existent for a commoner), and love for "creations of woman’s hands" and desire to help a woman in her problems (of the historically developed civilization).

It is important for male potential and romanticism to be directed towards construction of such environment, built close to home, living in which would be important for the whole human civilization. We should realize our dreams by constructing our life algorithms, then we should put learned algorithms of new culture, environment and governance to women, as it was done with the technosphere. Today all other proposals are destructive for Russian people, they draw away from solving the main problem of the millennia to come.

Of course, the loud ideas of ​​"space exploration", construction of industrial "forest-lines" with gas pipelines and other romanticized projects (grand triumph over nature) would haunt minds of gullible citizens for a long time, offering to destroy their enthusiasm and to draw attention of the conscious part of population away from the main "building site" of Humanity – the construction of a just society by people, who have developed the human psychetype. If the 20th century had the slogan of the technosphere development and the progress was seen in technological development, in the 21st century the progress would to be going away from the technosphere. The main question about usefulness of the current "progress" on the path of moral transformation is often ignored.

However, it should be obvious to conceptually determined people, that risking your head in a rush to devote their potential for the new-old chiefs, who operate according to the principle "the end justifies the means", is not viable, even if, as practice shows, this path is praised by righteous people, messengers of God. All efforts are reduced to absurd and dumped into nothingness because: “the way you were, the way you will be always". It’s a common attitude to begin solving problems of society from the society, but not with yourself; with the consequence, but not with the cause. The solution is clear: to educate people, transform civilization of monkeys to civilization of Humans, everything else is secondary to that goal.

Conceptually determined people care about other issues, which aren’t rewarded with "white horses and medals", for example: What’s the purpose of the human civilization in the created Universe? What qualities should a person possess to fulfill their destiny? What ethics should we develop in order realize projects with predictable long-living results?

If currently we can’t answer the first question clearly, everyone can define how they would like to see the future for themselves and the society, and then make this taken image happen according their conscience. In fact, to undertake projects, objectives of which overlook ethical questions, it is to put the cart before the horse. It’s only possible to create the future by relying on ethics of the future, all the rest is an empty struggle and a movement on the infernal circle. This is true, even if the historically-established crowd-"elitist" culture puts the cart before the horse all the time. And no matter how great and loud an idea is, at first, implementers must be educated with proper ethics, based on the human psychetype [21]. In other words, the idea is always secondary, and, when disclosing plans to implement great ideas, you need to understand and learn the following:

If I speak in the tongues[a] of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love never fails. But whether there are prophecies, they will fail; whether there are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away… (1. 13: 1-6; 8)[22].

How is Love manifested?

Отсутствие страха — это проявление Любви. Быть искренним и честным, выражать своё понимание Правды-The absence of fear is a manifestation of Love. To be sincere and honest, to express your understanding of the Absolute Truth, expression of the essence, even when it could spoil your or someone else's public image is a manifestation of Love. To be kind is a manifestation of Love. To be understanding and distinguishing through Criterion is a manifestation of Love. Ruthlessness is a manifestation of Love and real compassion, ie understanding the causes of troubles and real solutions. The conscious attitude to life is Love. Absences of evil and indifference in relation to the world in the mind is Love.

Love is a common feeling for many people, and it isn’t something sublime. And vice versa - it’s elevated by those, who can’t manifest Kindness, Truth, absence of fear, absence of evil, absence of indifference, distinguish through Criterion in practice. That’s why "there is no need to talk about love with those who loves - and to tell those who doesn’t carry Love inside - it’s like saying the word "honey": not everyone would have a sweet taste in the mouth; and certainly not everyone finds real honey appearing in their mouth after someone had pronounced the word. But for those, but who could carry Love, but don’t, it makes sense to talk about what they are could be dealing with and what is not Love (what they ignorantly name “Love”, which contradicts the essence of Love, when wanting to love and wishing for Love)" ("Basics of Sociology" Volume 4).


We, men, have the destiny to develop such way of life in assemblyness, where everyone in the society would find happiness, where the problem of material survival won’t be a priority (this in fact is an imposed parasitic culture of staying in the environment, which requires a lot of effort to sustain biofield life). But the ethics should become priority; ethics, that free up resources in minds of each of us to solve questions of life and humanity development, in order to fulfill destiny entrusted to us before our birth on Earth. This can be achieved only by working together, nonviolently, without sacrificing own destiny for the purpose of blindingly loud goal, and also without lackeying (offering your hump for a trip to paradise), but using justified material and spiritual methods. Freedom to make mistakes in the choice of life-organisation remains, until there is a demand to live in a crowd-"elitist" society of pseudo-individualism or of pseudo-socialism, until the will-less culture exists in the civilization and imposes slave worldview.

It should also be noticed, that the more a person learns freedom, the faster the issue of material survival is solved. The whole task consists of creation of a community culture, where next generations would be brought up in humane ethics; for this purpose you should create an environment, like a "ladder of ascent from animal to Human", while still solving general societal problems, serving as a righteous complement. Each of us should learn to live not for being a victim of some "great goals", in order to die young and be famous (connection channel with souls of such "stars" dies first), but to multiply the quiet Love with many faces, fruits of which are not for sale.


After understanding these thoughts, futility of staying in the present situation seems obvious. A time will come, when the same truth will sound loudly without the possibility of shut it down in a decrepit body: the present day is the result of yesterday, and the reason for the coming day is created today. So why were you absent among those, who’d changed their life and the direction of its movement according to their dream, and it wasn't your intelligence, that was lit up by righteous thoughts, and it weren't your hands, that created the future, and it wasn't your love, that helped the humanity to overcome the crisis of civilization, Reader? Where have you been, what have you been doing all these years? Are you satisfied with yourself?


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[2] All that is justified from Above, is the recommended path for each of us, the form it’d be implemented is secondary. Family includes the whole humanity; the relationship between a man and a woman is a marriage union, where they can’t be happy (certainly, a man can’t be happy). After the flood, Noah began to drink for this reason. In our time men drink themselves into oblivion, because they are isolated from each other by the "traditional family values" – by the matriarchal culture, removing the possibility to realize their full potential for the benefit of the entire human family.

[3] Initially we used term "living", but, firstly, it’s less adequate to meaning image; secondly, the Russian phrase "waste products of living" indicates, that really the word “living” means an attitude to life as to a process of constant unreasonable circling. “Life creation” means a certain awareness, a person's attitude towards life as to creative work, thus to work with the purpose to embellish the world, or to improve it. Embellishment is a lie to avoid improvement. Real improvement is a movement towards better. By “life creation” we mean real creative process, movement towards better, renewal and transformation of the old.

[4]  See the following article on this subject: Marriages are made in heaven.

[5]  At the moment, instead of the God’s plan women have the satanic culture’s plan.

[6] Aspiration to the moral ideals for society, which would be absorbed with mother's milk and would provide moral and spiritual support for the Providence of God and for man in the future, when man will enter into adulthood.

[7] Because of this, men are recognized as best teachers, best cooks and so on. Man is ready to give all his best, his maximum potential for social processes, in contrast to women, from whom you won’t give the maximum effort for the societal construction, women always give their maximum effort for everything within their marriage union. Understand this, the question arises: why is there a substitution of men by women in public institutions?

[8] The biblical culture supports women greatly, but the culture was born not in a vacuum, but as a counterbalance for the Vedic patriarchic lifestyle, where women’s potential was suppressed. Now this potential is not developing, but it doesn’t make sense for women to rebel against their throne of the “Snow Queen". Only a few women are able to abandon the power and ascend towards the Supreme Truth, rather than convenient "truths."

[9] By the way, this is your attempt on her personal freedom. She needs to realize herself as a mother, a wife, a full-fledged woman. Now a woman is considered to be normal, even if she hasn't realized herself as a wife. Therefore, such a woman’s ready to promise anything, but this doesn't mean she’d follow you. Moreover, she’d take a battle stance, when you suggest a "pie in the sky", because she realizes that "a bird in the hand" is the best being for her children’s upbringing. And here, we have to conclude, that she’s objectively right, because you push your patriarchal pattern of the future onto her. The question is: how can we come to a righteous future, going head to head with each other, instead of dragging your spouse on your back.

[10]  This feeling is so different from the annoying frustration, when you’re sure, that you’re right, and you try to impose your will on another person even about objectively unambiguous questions (such as sobriety).

[11]  A good example of hidden matriarchy in the "elitist" circles and of its implications in the management is shown in the film "The Runner” (http://www.kinopoisk.ru/film/840572/).

[12] "Russian women are masters of falling in love and being liked, but can neither love, nor educate" – Vasily O. Klyuchevsky.

[13] An example of such a patriarchal upbringing and of numerous dreadful mistakes in societal government could be seen in life of the Prince Vladimir the Great (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_the_Great).

[14] Unfortunately, majority of well intentioned people, when presented with new information, don’t overcome the state of ethics, where love serves them, or to be correct, it isn’t love, but experiences of love manifestations. Their imitation of kind and honest people serves some interests, definitely not justified from the Above, i.e. they shift the responsibility of goal setting to authorities, instead of setting them themselves. It’s socially acceptable to shield this intellectual parasitism by the supposedly objectively righteous ethics - "the means justify the end", thinking that “God won’t allow unjust misuse of means, and won’t allow unjust achievements." Of course, the belief in God as a policeman isn’t new for the slave psychology of the Biblical conception. A summon of the god-policeman is a call for the world-order conception, where the real God is replaced by “policemen-gods” ("grand Inquisitors"). Only pure theoreticians can think so, but in practice their “labors” obey the principle "easier said, than done". But objectively, practice ("practice is the criterion of truth") shows, that goals and means of their achievement, which weren’t developed in your dialogue with God-Almighty, originate from scriptures and egregores, because parasites have no time for understanding anything themselves. Therefore asserting thesis such as: "the means justify the end - it’s an expression of justification from Above" - brings a socially harmful substitution of notions, ultimately entailing an excuse of the crowd-"elitist" societal structure. The psyche of such speakers is subordinated to the Vedic culture (either consciously or unconsciously), but Bible wheeler-dealers have mastered the skill of exploiting the Vedic culture a long time ago. So you can often see well-intentioning fools plow for Biblical shepherds and their goals, while evangelizing the principle "the means justify the end" as a possibility of checking any target using means of it's reaching. You can check it only if you go outside the system, i.e. if you address to the Creator for help - for the Truth; If you don't do it, your conclusions will not go beyond the dominant concept (see the video “comments to the article “Ideals and Goals”” for more information about ethics).

[15] For conceptually educated readers: a great amount of space in psyche is released for new information, for rethinking algorithms (measure) of psyche workflow.

[16]  To understand the issue, read "The Old Man and the Sea" by E. Hemingway.

[17]  It's funny and sad at the same time to see young theoreticians with a straight face, who flex their intelligence (logic) with other people’s thoughts, but who don’t possess the Criterion and dialectical cognition pro rata with their obsession to be a well known guru, claiming the place of new leaders and the ultimate truth. This is a phenomenon of the other, not Russian – but Jewish Talmudic culture, where happiness comes from borrowing ideas and high recognition among ignorant monkeys, that parasitized in past. I would like to say, "Hello! Finally, begin to do what you declare, it will get you out of a pleasant dream, the plot of which is far from reality." Social Security doesn’t need an ideology, people need a new life. The younger generation should build it, but the older generation should theorize on the basis of their experience and metrological competency.

               On the other hand, everything will become clear at once, if these players will begin to work practically - mimicry will drop and reluctantсe to move to righteous ethics will be apparent, i.e. they will be deprived of their favorite convenient truths.

[18] The term "efforts" is in “quotes” because the righteous communal living is not built on efforts of will, but on the free willful manifestation in line with the Plan of the Creator. The willpower and volitional acts are the fruit of obsession, but the free will is the result of a conscious understanding and Love.

[20]  Soul is a resident of both worlds. It’s a  part of some world, incomprehensive by human conscious, a part of the Creator. This can be presented by the example of a fetus in a womb, it’s also blind to the outside world, but fetus is a part of the world.

[21]  This is always interfered with circumstances and obsessions of "galactic danger", the essence of which is the fear for the planet, fear for relatives, fear for something, not trusting God – atheism, survival instinct, which hadn’t been overcome by you since childhood.

[22]   http://essenes.narod.ru/

See the video “comments to the article “Ideals and Goals””:

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