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Each of us at least once has asked himself: Who am I? Where am I going? What do I want? What am living for?

Being unable to find the answer ourselves we ask other people for help through direct communication, books, movies, pictures and music. We understand that we are born not by chance, that there are personal and public interests, that one or another type of social life arrangement can either support or hamper the development of our creative powers. At last we come to a question: Which society are we born in and which society are we going to build?

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We can see that under the current social order that exists in all countries of the world the majority of the population is not living, but surviving constant adversity, not understanding the reasons for this, whereas the “elitist” minority is actually growing fussy, while the global civilization has come to a biospheric and ecological dead end. This situation allows to say that the existing “world order” is not a natural norm.

“The world is grand chess board” – says Zbigniew Brzezinski (Zbignev Bjezinski) meaning by this a constant conflict as a norm for societal life.

But is it really so?

To answer the question let’s see which levels exist in the current social order.

As Belinsky said:

“A crowd is a gathering of people who live by tradition and reason based on authority”

Therefore, a crowd is a group of individuals living dishonestly.

Level One. A crowd of “little people” – pawns – who think that nothing depends on them, their destiny is just to be a grass on the battle field.

In this system there is only one rule of movement on the board for all the pawns prescribed by a “holy Scripture” and based on support of the “elite” and authority of the leader. However, it’s not clear for the common layman what the best way is for him to accomplish his benevolent intentions and cherished dreams, because he does not possess adequate knowledge about social governanceand has just a hazy notion of what is good and what is evil. And the information provided by various educational systems contains just fragmentary knowledge in a restricted professional area sufficient maybe for a job of a cashier in a supermarket.

Level Two. This is the so-called “elite” – also a dishonest group of individuals controlling the behaviour of the crowd of pawns, defending its own utterly clannish interests. This social stratum has the same degree of understanding of social governance as the pawns do, but due to the mafia-type clan system it has more opportunities to satisfy its claims of would-be superiority and the right to parasitize. Each “elite” piece also has its own rule of movement on the chessboard prescribed by a holy Scripture and a blind belief in the power of chief’s authority. However, the knowledge the “elite” possess is also fragmentary, but from more different spheres of knowledge and more detailed, sufficient for them to exploit the crowd. By its moral nature the so-called “elite” is the same as a crowd, but a more informed one.

To maintain the development of the system it must be maintained in a constant confrontation with a similar system, appointed to the role of enemy by global game rules – which is reflected in the mind of the crowd as the “struggle of opposites” according to the “divide and conquer” principle. This is a sort of “field training exercise” to keep the system fully armed in case an alternative system of social governance appears. In the objective reality the Universe itself does not generate any struggle of opposites; this struggle only appears with the malicious intent of governing officials and executives.

This is where the role of the global players controlling the system within their global political game manifests itself. They have got a piercing intelligence to exercise well-learnt combinations. The global players justify their goals and means of achievement with corporate ethics which says: “The Corporation comes first”. They have fragmentary knowledge though more extended and detailed in the sphere of economics, governance and history, which makes them more erudite and enables them to forecast and control processes.

There may be more than two players. Different regional civilizations and supranational corporations have different ideals and goals, many of which are imposed from outside. It’s like multilateral chess where each player would be playing his own game.

This is all that most people are able to see.

But let us ask ourselves: where are the authors of the rules in this picture of the world, who devise and implement these games into the society, prescribing the scenario of existence for each piece, including the players, designed specially for each of them? Who is the possessor of the integral knowledge of social governance about the entire system in a slave-owning social order?

This level is controlled by a global clan of hierophants, otherwise called “a global predictor”, which implements the highest level of intrasocial power– the conceptual power – into life,  playing the role of God.

A conception is an idea of a certain social order.

Conceptual power is the power of people capable of:

·       Identification of problems and goal-setting related to them;

·       Devising of methods (conceptions) for achievement of the goals set;

·       Implementation of the conceptions into the process of social life.

Similarly, “conceptual power” refers to the power over a certain community (society) of ideas that express the goals of the social life, the means and the ways of their achievement.

The symbol of the global predictor is depicted on a one dollar banknote. It’s the eye of the Omniscence above the pyramid. The basis of it’s power is an artificially created monopoly for the knowledge of social governance. “Knowledge is power” - this way of thinking is used by the global clan of hierophants. The goal of the global predictor: to prevent the people from becoming Humans - the vicegerents of God on Earth.

These global managers might seem to be almighty, but they are not. The scenario they are trying to implement is not supported from on Above and that is why it is not stable. Consequently they have to devise more and more new forms of implementing slavery.

The conception of the slave-owning system is stated in the most widespread book on Earth – the Holy Bible. The Bible divides the dishonest crowd into two camps: the shepherd and the sheep.

It exhorts the sheep:

“Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord”. (Bible, Colossians 3:22)

The culture which is based on the Biblical morality teaches the honest people, who want to live fairly, the following ethics: Only creative means are acceptable for achievement of goals, however the goals imposed are based on the string-pullers’ interests.

The shepherds of the crowd are habituated to the ethics: the ends justify the means. Hence, the only thing to do is just to maintain the Biblical ideals in the well-intending crowd using the carrot-and-stick approach.

Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.”. (Bible, Deuteronomy 15:6).

That is why we see a stable system where the well-meaning men of the crowd are toil for the shameless crooks. The well-meaning man of the crowd always justifies himself by saying: “Everyone lives like that”; and the dishonest “elite” has only one excuse which says: “Nothing personal, just business!”

Thus, the Crowd-“Elitist” Society is a hierarchic and pyramidical social order in which the upper classes do not recognize the human dignity of the lower classes. The culture generated by such society arrangement hampers the people to develop their creative potential. Consequently most of the people are factitiously relegated to the status of a crowd.

Main Features of the Crowd-“Elitist” System

- existence of a leader – the authority;

- existence of a reputable or Holy Scripture;

- existence of an initiation system;

- existence of a crowd which follows the leader and/or the Scripture thoughtlessly;

- existence of the so-called I-centrist ethics in all the people –atheism.

To prevent people from thinking about the possibility of building a fair society on Earth, the special term “Utopia” had been invented, with the meaning of something unreal and delusive, which actually was an obstacle for the mind making people think that it was just tales and fables created by fantasy authors. And to prevent people from considering the global social governancephenomenon, such terms as the “Conspiracy” and the “Conspiracy Theory” were implemented designed for deriding of those who start contemplating the subject.

Thus, the following cultural standards were gently instilled, convincing each individual of hopelessness of existence from the very childhood:

“It’s impossible to change fate”, “Life is full of afflictions – Lord endured suffering and commanded us to be patient”, “Enjoy life to the full”, “Life is but a span”, “After us, the deluge”.

The latter assertion is true since many people start wishing to flood this “Highly cultured” hell, and consequently at the entrance to adulthood the society gets a slave of passions and addictions, instilled by the culture, a slave to pleasures, who more and more seldom thinks of the means by which he satisfies his animal desires.

In the Crowd-“Elitist” Society the meaning of life is pleasure: “If there is a pleasure – there is life, no pleasure – no life”. This philosophy in the society with the crowd-“elitist” morality is implanted by the vicious “elite”, because it is the “elite” who is the trendsetter for the crowd. But the “elite” itself cannot do anything other than wasting life and parasitizing on the working class.

The problem of most authority figures is that this algorithmic is carried out by them unconsciously and fully automatically even if they proclaim alternative ethics principles different from the crowd-“elitist” ones. But implementation of this algorithmic is possible if the morality of the authority allows him to carry out these algorithms.

The authority shows how to treat the new information and the crowd, not wishing to think for itself, is acting based on the principle: “The giraffe is tall – He knows best!”

But the leader of the crowd himself in circumvention of consciousness depends on the higher levels of governance, which have goals that differ from his own, and this dependence is characterized by the principle: “Within one’s comprehension each one works for oneself, and within one’s incomprehension – for the one who comprehends more”.

The crowd-“elitist” culture is organized so that there are typical models of behaviour in various situations. The functional role and the place a person, can play and occupy within any association of people is accordingly specified beforehand in certain algorithms. These algorithms run through all the elements of culture: mass media, movies, theatre, books, traditions, and so forth. If a man diverges from the rules, ideas and actions established by the current culture, this is condemned by the crowd no matter if the man acts and thinks according to conscience or not.

Is there any alternative to the crowd-“elitist” society arrangement?

The escape from the crowd-“elitist” inferno, as famous Russian thinker Ivan Efremov wrote, , wrote, lies in the sense of proportion first of all, and not in blind faith. But this phrase of the writer should be continued with the following: to escape from the inferno the sense of proportion should be based on ethics which goes beyond the society, ethics based on which all the universe is functioning and developing. That is why a Man is gifted with Conscience. Listening to it a man is looking for answers about the goals of the mission of his soul on Earth and the means to achieve the goals in a direct dialogue with the Hierarchically Highest All-Enclosing Governance, and gets freedom as Gifted by God’s Guidance of Conscience. In this case there is no hierarchy in the society, because each man on Earth has his own unique mission and only he is the one who can accomplish it best.

Earth civilization still remembers the men who serve as an example of living in such ethics and who proclaimed the alternative to the crowd-“elitist” society. 2000 years ago Jesus Christ announced the possibility to build a society of fair life arrangement for all the mankind:

 “Since that time the kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it”.

(Holy Bible, Gospel of Luke 16:16)

At present, as before, each one has an opportunity to realize what is fairness and unity by direct dialogue with the Creator without any mediators!

A principle of unifying people has existed in Russia since olden times, and is called “sobornost”. Based on this principle neither personal hierarchy nor social tension takes place. Before the Christianization of Russia the social leadershad quite a different attitude toward their homagers rather than now. The clannish-and-corporative isolation from the rest of society was not appropriate for them at that time. When the moral-and-ethical standards were equal for everyone, there was no personal hierarchy, though specialization of labor in the community was inevitable. That is why during some periods professional governing officials – a prince or a hierophant – could serve as a simple oarsman in a boat implicitly obeying a helmsman, while under other circumstances this helmsman would obey orders of the prince or the hierophant, at the same time they were equal to each other in terms of personal dignity.

That is how this relationship is described by Byzantine historian Leo the Deacon, telling about the meeting of Prince Svyatoslav with Emperor John Tzimiskes:

“Sphendosthlavos arrived sailing along the river in a Scythian light boat, grasping an oar and rowing with his companions as if he were one of them. <…> His clothing was white and in no way different from that of the others with him – except for its cleanliness”.

Maurice, a famous Byzantine Emperor and writer of the sixth century, wrote about the Slavs: “They didn’t hold their prisoners in slavery until their death, but limiting the captivity to a certain period of time they would offer a choice: either to pay a ransom and get back home or stay as free persons and friends.”

Justice or fairness means absence of exploitation of human by human! When everybody has not only equal rights and duties, but there is a real opportunity to implement these rights.

Everything in the universe is fair, only an ancient choice is not, the one which has suggested the crowd-“elitist” culture of slavery to us, which must be dispersed like fog. So what prevents us from starting to correct the situation today, when the access to the world cultural heritage is granted through the internet for anyone?

Under the current living conditions of the society, due to the Law of Time, slavery in all of its aspects is fading away systematically, and more and more people can see it if they wish.

The Biblical concept of the crowd-“elitist” world order is supported by three mainstays:

1. Concealment of the knowledge of social governance  – called “Hermeticism”;

2. Implanting of the slave and slave-owner worldview based on deceitful ethics;

3. Hidden matriarchy, which means control through the sexual instincts whereby men are subjugated to women psychologically.

The Russian civilization proclaims its own concept of the fair life arrangement of the future:

1. The Concept of Public Security – the disclosure of the knowledge of social governance and dissemination of it through the educational system;

2. Learning and adoption by all people of the cognition methodology, the “dialectics”  as an art of searching for the truth by posing of elaborative questions and searching for answers to them;

3. Love –the God-given active state in which a man is really more capable and efficient in solving the problems of the society.

Based on the aforesaid, everyone has the right to start the construction of the society of social justice, in which there is no place neither for pawns, nor for queens and other active pieces of the wheeler-dealers and inquisitors existing within the framework of the crowd-“elitist” worldview. In the Russian worldview we all are equal before the Creator and there is no need in the games devised for finding the strongest, the smartest or the silliest one. There is a place for a Man, a vicegerent of God on Earth, his destiny and mission in Love and Co-creation for the good of the whole Universe.

 “…Vie, therefore, with one another in doing good deeds” (Qur’an 2:148) and God will add more to that, of which you do not know…

The Crowd-Elitist Society

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